Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Books

It looks like this month I didn't really focus on reading that much. Mostly I finished the Twilight Saga, read Flight graphic novels, and read just a few other books not that worth mentioning.

As you might've read from my reviews, I loved Twilight books 3 and 4 very, very much. I'm a little sad that I'm done with the series, but I'm glad that I still have the movies to look forward to. Flight is a really good graphic novel series. Those who love comics, manga and their ilk would enjoy these books, I think. A Supremely Bad Idea, as you may have read, wasn't that good a read for someone like me. I am almost finished with the Pendragon: Before the War trilogy, just a few more chapters of Patrick Mac's story to go. Recently I read the 1st 13th Reality book for the second time. My brother, Adam, read it for his first time. It's still a wonderful book, and I can not wait to get the 2nd book, The Hunt for Dark Infinity, in my hands. The Fire Eternal was a little weird. I'd looked forward to it for ages, but it wasn't that good. I remember liking the book before it, Firestar, very much, so I don't know where Chris D'Lacey went wrong. Worse, it ended with the hint of a need for a sequel. Too many unresolved questions. I forget when I finished the 2nd 39 Clues book, and I forgot to write a review about it, but I did read it this month, so... I no longer think the series is of interest to me. Plus in the website, I have to wait a couple months to find any more clues, because the next mission is locked until July, I think. So that sucks.

As another point of interest, I read the 500th issue of MAD magazine this month. It was very good. Here's the link to the review I wrote on it.

Jacoby, what's wrong? Why haven't you been reviewing any more books lately? I think I'm up about 44 to 1 or something. Maybe when school's out you'll have a lot more leisure time for summer reading, eh?

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