Monday, April 6, 2009

Breaking Dawn, by Stephanie Meyer

Wow. That's all I can say after finishing one of the best series I've read in my relatively short life yet. Wow. It feels like a terribly understatement for what I'm feeling now. I'm done with Stephanie Meyers' vampire romance. I figure that if I put together all the days I spent reading the novels in this series, like if I had done a Twilight marathon, I'd have "devoured" all the books in little over a fortnight (that means just over two weeks. I just thought it sounded funny saying fortnight). To me, when I think about it from a different perspective, it's pretty unbelievable, because that means that I read 2,000 odd pages of print in 14+ days. (Okay, I'll stop with all the boring statistics. But I'm a Virgo. What can I say? I'd like to add that I think it's so cool that Bella and I almost share a birthday. I've mentioned that in New Moon, but... for those who didn't know. ^,^)

Soooo... boy, what a finale. I mean, just when I thought it couldn't get much better than Eclipse. I liked how this book was organized. It's almost as if the three separate parts in the book were actually 3 different novels. It's good that they were all bound together the way they were, though.
**********BIG SPOILER ALERT!**********
The first part was good, though (understandably) my least favorite. Not because I hated anything about it, on the contrary I didn't. It was simply that the later parts were much better. See, in part 1, the story is in Bella's view, as a human (as per usual). She gets married to Edward, which was nice. Alice was so cool. I wish she'd organize my wedding. There's still some confusion over who Bella likes more, however, Jacob or Edward. Later, when the couple are on their honeymoon (very tastefully done, Stephanie. Perfectly written, so that even kids can enjoy this part), Bella finds that she's pregnant. Which at first was like a big HUH?! when I understood what was happening. Of course, I expected it a little, since I've heard Twilight rumors, but still.

Part 2 was awesome, because it was in Jacob's view, and this time I liked it. I love Jacob's thought processes and his side of life. Like my good friend warned me, the headings for his chapters were kind of funny. I'd say Jake thinks a little more bluntly than Bella does, not quite so carefully. It was awesome seeing what life in the werewolf pack was like. Sounds like as much fun as being a vampire. Unfortunately, Jacob doesn't have a lot of fun in his story. It's almost heart-wrenching, how much he has to put up with Bella. Especially when she shows up pregnant. But for some reason he sticks around, unable to tear himself away. I wished he could find someone else to imprint him so he could forget about Bella and leave her with Edward in peace. Of course, when it came around at the very end, I could see from a mile away how his love life would be happily resolved. I'd like to remind you that this is a spoiler alert, so I assume you've read the entire Twilight series, because if you haven't, I'm sorry to be the one to spoil it for you. I was so happy that Jacob imprinted with... Bella's daughter, Renesmee. Even with her being half-human, half-vampire. It made perfect sense then. That Jacob had loved Bella since forever for the very reason that she carried his future love, though he didn't know it. So that was nice.

Finally part 3. My favorite part. It was best because it was the longest and because Bella starts her new "life" as a vampire. Whoops. Sorry to break it to ya. Well, Bella manages to make me wish further that I was a vampire myself, since she pulls it off so well. Her relationship with Edward improves a lot, since he doesn't have to hold himself back when they get... physical. She can beat Emmet at arm-wrestling, she doesn't need sleep, she moves extra fast, and her daughter, Renesmee, is so amazing. She's got a great talent that allows her to put thought pictures and memories into people's heads when she touches them, so they know what she wants. I kind of wish I was Renesmee (or Nessie, as she comes to be called) more than a total vampire, because at least she keeps the abilities to eat human food and get tired. I'd hate drinking blood all the time. Mostly 'cause I'm a real vegetarian, so I dislike meat of any kind. Strangely, Bella's vampire development is sped up a lot. Probably since she made the choice first, or because it was just her. Her talent is cool. Forcing a mental shield over everyone she loves so that no one can harm her or her protected. That came in real useful near the close. Too bad that meant it didn't turn into an actual battle. Oh well. I liked the happily-ever-after chapter, when (sorry!) it appears that she can allow Edward to see inside her mind, conditionally. A nice ending, with the promise of a good future for the characters I've come to love.
**********SPOILER OVER**********
Well, no that that's over and done with... what do I do with my life? He he, just kidding. But I don't know. This Twilight saga sure took a toll on me. It's like Annette once said in passing when I had my nose stuck in the pages. Twilight cast a spell on me. Now that I'm officially done with the series and know what happens, the spell has been somewhat cast off, but not entirely. Because I will always remember the feelings that I got from this romance, where I truly believed that I was in the story. The characters and the plot and the enormous circumstances all took turns tugging at my heartstrings. Every time I put the book down, I would seriously sit and speculate what could possibly happen next to my vampires. That's as opposed to me closing another book and going off to do something else, not giving the story much thought until I had time to crack the book open again.

I will not shove my opinion on anyone else, but I highly disagree with anyone who claims that this saga is, in any way, not good. Sure, it might get a little mushy/ lovey-dovey for some readers, I can understand that. Still, I will not hear a word that says Twilight is at any time boring or slow, or that the series went kind of downhill after Stephanie's debut. This was as good a series as there has ever been, with each book clearly better than the one before it. I'm glad to have known this series. I recognise, however, that it's time for me to move on. But I don't think my mania will fade competely until each book is made into a movie. Kind of like Harry Potter. Until Deathly Hallows part 2 comes in theaters, I will never give up the magic universe completely. Even though I'll be 19 or 20 when that time comes. I don't think that'll make any difference, though.

Forgive me. I babble on and on and all you want to do is reach the end already. I'll stop now. But please, remember to leave a comment when you're done. Even if you absolutely hated Twilight, no matter what I said. Just tell me.


J.N. Future Author said...

honestly, this book annoyed me. it was sex sex sex....

then I really DIDN'T like Jacobs part of the story.....

but I'm just a complainer. I never liked Jacob after 2 years ago (Involving one of my best friends....) >.<,

It was a good book, and I loved reading it! It was totally amazing, but it just kindof bothered me of it ended....right when all loose ends were almost tied up there are suddenly alot more questions to be asked....

Magenta said...

Well, who knows? Maybe the questions will be all tied up if Stephanie happens to come around with sequel? Like when Renesmee is fully grown or something?

Nah. I guess the last page in the book says "the end," so that really is it.

Graham Chops said...

I think the way she handled the problems she threw at the characters in Eclipse was pretty creative, although JN is right--ton of sex in this book. I mean they're married now, but this book is still marketed to teenagers, who are not known for their epic self-control in the hormone department. So it's a fine line to walk; I think in the end, it's left to the reader's judgment.

Love the blog, Magenta. I'll check back periodically. I've got to go do the daily Chop now; this week, I'm reviewing books that suck :-)