Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer

Alright, now this month I don't think I'll care at all about statistics of books in posts. They're only useful in the labels. The fact is that I loooooved this book!!! It's almost scary how fast I was able to finish it. Because believe me, this book was thick. But then I'd been waiting for it for such a long time, so it's almost hardly a surprise how eager I was to read it.

I'd heard around that Eclipse wasn't that good a story in the Twilight Saga, but I think these people were dead wrong. I believe that, if a series is truly awesome, then it must get better and better with each new book. My special theory is that the best books in the very best series are the last and second-to-last books. Of course, the series has to be longer than a trilogy, because otherwise the pattern has to be great, greater, greatest.

Anyway, as this is the penultimate Twilight book, I super enjoyed it. I loved it much better than New Moon. That's a good sign. Some of my favorite parts were when different characters told stories to Bella, very interesting sort of histories. Like what Rosalie and Jaspar were like around the time they became vampires, or the legends of the werewolves. They were so interesting. I'm glad that a lot of subconcious questions of mine were answered.

Of course, I loved the romance the best. Though it was incredibly confusing, to tell you the truth. Like, after Bella and Edward got back together, Jacob the werewolf is still in love with Bella, and she still gets to hang out with him until it's like she loves him too. But she loves Edward even more, and she knows that she can't live without him, but Jacob... and Edward seems okay with all this? Because he loves Bella so much that he doesn't care what she does as long as she's happy. Since this book is told in first person, and since I relate so much to Bella, I'm continually as baffled as she is who she should choose in the end. Edward, of course, is amazing. But still, I love Jacob. He's a wonderful character, and the best friend she ever had. Plus, I don't think he's as dangerous as a vampire. He's part human, anyway.

**********Spoiler alert**********

One of the funniest parts for me was when Bella, Edward and Jacob are all camping in a tent together and it's very cold, so Jacob warms Bella up so she can sleep. (Edward can't do that since he'd make her colder.) Later, when Bella is very still but not quite asleep, though the boys think she is, vampire and werewolf start talking, strangely friendly like. They calmly chat about how they both love Bella and how sticky a situation both of them are in because of that. They're also aware how strongly Bella feels for each of them, and they discuss that. All the while, I'm thinking like, Why aren't they at each other's throats by this conversation? They should be killing themselves over her right now. But they both behave. Bella seems to write this unusual scene off as a dream, which is conveniant for the story, because if I were her, I might have decided to "wake up" several times. But I thought it was very cool how genuinely friendly these guys were towards each other. In another world, had they not been mythical monsters or in love with the same girl, I bet they'd be pretty good buds. Still, I agreed with the both of them when they decided that the best man will have to win, and that by the next day the strange truce will have to be over.

**********Spoiler over**********
All in all, this book was totally amazing. I don't care what anyone else says. To me, this was the best Twilight book yet. Still, I know this book has only prepared me for the treat that Breaking Dawn is sure to be. My friend Q told me about chapters in which Jacob narrated, where the headings are funny. I'll be looking out for that. Ooh, speaking of which, I thought it was really strange in the epilogue how it turned into Jacob's view instead of Bella's. It almost disoriented me, because I was unused to the way his mind operated. Of course, this may be because I'm a girl, but still.
I'm so excited that I'm nearly finished with the whole Saga, but sad at the prospect at the same time. Twilight has cast a spell over me, one that I very much doubt will ever leave me, even after I turn the last page of the final book.

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