Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Books

It appears that this month I read even less than usual. But then again, that's not a bad thing. At least I enjoyed all the books I read, as opposed to reading a few sub-par books I did not enjoy.

I don't think I'll ever forget how much I liked Jane Eyre. It sure opened me up to the possibility that not all classics are dully written. For sure, Persepolis was a fascinating story, because I learned a little bit about how it was like to live in Iran as a kid in the '80s. At least, it was interesting in graphic novel form. On reflection, I suppose Stephen Colbert's book, I am America, was in fact pretty funny. Perhaps that's because sometime after, we took out a DVD of "the best of the Colbert Report" from the library, and seeing the best of what Stephen had to offer convinced me that he's a funny guy. You all know, of course, which book makes it to my number 1 spot this month. PENDRAGON #10! What a work of fiction! D. J. MacHale is the male equivalent of J. K. Rowling, I swear! Don't believe me? Check out the link that leads to my review. Or better yet, just read the darn thing. Unless you've only started the series (^,~), in which case, please read all the books in the correct order and get to number 10 quickly. This book will not make you sorry you did. Moving on. I very much enjoyed Fablehaven and promise to get into the rest of the series very soon, as well as the Imaginarium Geographica Chronicles. I'm glad I found a couple new series that are worth following.

I don't know what I'll read in the month to come, but I'm willing to bet that I'll probably read as much as I did this month, if at all. Still, that's okay. I've acquired a lot of fantastic stories this year that now all dwell in my head. I believe over 55. I don't know. I think I'm losing count. But 11 books a month on average isn't bad, is it?

J. N., if you don't review any books this month, I promise I'll have your membership to my book blog revoked. I know you've probably got lots of other stuff on your mind, but if you're not going to share what novels you've been reading this year, then what's the point of being a member?


J.N. Future Author said...

there is something wrong with the layout...hmmm

Graham Chops said...

Blaming the layout is like blaming the "subcontractor". What a red herring, bro! Step up to the plate, start Choppin'!

I remember being 17 and having all that time to read. Just kidding. I completely forgot what those days are like. I sure can imagine, though :-) I'm trying to get through 120 books this year, but so far you're creaming me, Bettina. You've got me by 9, but I'm going to finish four or five more this week and try to catch you.

In the meantime I'm finishing the second draft of Sidewinder.

And remember, I Chop a lot more often than you do :-) so if you're looking for new books or series, the GC is your source of all knowledge. In the meantime, keep up the posts!