Friday, May 22, 2009

Two books at a time.

This will be a short report, because as much as I liked these books, if you know me, there's only one novel I really care about right now. Yeah. These stories absolutely pale in comparison to the epic that is Pendragon # 10: Soldiers of Halla. But I'm not gonna talk about that now.

The book I finished first was a graphic novel that Annette picked up from the library. It's a pretty fascinating plot. The main character is a young Iranian girl living in the '80s. It's based on the author's actual life. It's hard to define what happens, but she definitely had a brutal childhood. It reminded me of the new movie, Slumdog Millionaire. They may be foreigners, but I still cannot believe that people can live the way they do in those stories. Anyway, I think there's supposed to be a sequel to this book, which is a good thing. I really liked the art style. That's a key thing. The story is definitely good, but if the artwork wasn't so simple and easy to follow, I probably wouldn't have shown any interest in it.

The other book I finished, I'd say was... alright. I took it up after it was recommended by Graham. I like Stephen Colbert, but his comic style is a little out there for me. I mean, I have a feeling that everything he writes is all in fun and he's just teasing America, but his manner is pretty harsh. I don't agree with a lot of his beliefs, and all his ideas and opinions are pretty wacky. I know how he runs his T.V. show, and this book was just like that, only probably more... concentrated. Like Graham said, no aspect of American life is safe from this guy's rampage.

I liked the margins and the footnotes, but I wouldn't say I busted out laughing at his political humor. Like, whenever I read something meant to be funny, I probably smiled with a wince. It wasn't funny enough for me to laugh at. My taste is more aimed at SNL style humor, or Jon Stewart. Now there's a nice guy. I wonder if he'll find the time to write a book. Recently I saw Larry King come on the show with his book (seems like an interesting read), and they had a funny talk. My favorite part was when Larry's like, "Hey, I'm a little older than you," and Jon says, "A little?" ^_^ lol.

Okay. I'm done here. Coming up next: The moment you've all been waiting for...

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