Monday, May 18, 2009

Books to read

I'm going to the library today, and I already know that I've got two more books ready for me to pick up. I'm so over-loaded with books right now! Argh!!!

I don't know whether I'll have enough time to read them all, but here's all the books that will (hopefully!) show up sometime on this blog:
I have a few chapters of Jane Eyre to go, so I should post about that first. I've already read the first chapters of I am America and Elantris, and they seem pretty good so far, so I might get to those next. The rest I'm not quite so sure about, but they've all been recommended from what I think is a dependable source, so I think I'll read them and like them. Fablehaven and Epic I have yet to gain possession of. And, of course, there's Pendragon to deal with. ^,^ Man, will I be glad to get to that...
I think, so I don't go crazy with impatience, whenever I finish a book on my list, I'll read one chapter of Pendragon, just to see what happens next. That'll be a good incentive for me to read fast.

But then, this puts me in a sort of bind, because (despite my wishes) I can't very well spend all of my time lazing about and reading fantasy fiction. I have a life to live! Hopefully, I will make this work.

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