Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Journal of Curious Letters, by James Dashner ^,~

This was my second time reading James Dashner's bestselling book. I read it while reading it to my brother of 11 years, Adam, for the first time. His verdict? He loves it and is probably going to pay more attention to this series. It was a great experienced, reading out loud to my brother. He doesn't like reading as much as me and my sister does, but he enjoyed listening to Dashner's words. I also think he liked me doing an impression of Mothball, who reminds me personally of a Russian person.

Rereading the book reminded me how much I liked James's writing style. It felt like reading his blog. He also uses funny metaphors and his sense of humor plainly leaks onto the pages. However, I didn't really like the fangen fighting scene that much. It was slightly confusing, and I can't really picture what one looks like in my mind. But ignoring that, I still say that I liked reading it and it is proof that James Dashner's book can stand the test of time. I can hardly wait until I'm able to read the sequel, Dark Infinity, or his other raved about book, The Maze Runner, which still has yet to arrive.

Even if I hated his books though, I love James Dashner's blog. For those who haven't read it before, please check out this link and be amazed. The life and times of this published author is fascinating to follow.

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