Monday, May 18, 2009

I own Pendragon 10! ^,^ Yay!

I can barely believe it! The book is mine! I have Pendragon, Book 10: The Soldiers of Halla to keep for my very own! I am so so so sooooo happy! (I bet some of you are jealous of me now, huh? ^,~) I got it at Books-A-Million, right after I met Rick Riordan and got his autograph. (For more details, please go to Picture Perfect. For a total and complete account, go to my regular blog. ^,^)

I would have been thrilled if I'd have found James Dashner's Hunt for Dark Infinity too, but, strangely, it wasn't in the store. So I couldn't buy it. Oh well. I'll get to that soon enough.

Anyway, already I've read the preface, prologue and first two chapters in the book. It is awesome! I can't give anything away, but... Well, I'll give a couple things away. Just to tease you. ^,^
  1. The prologue is called The End. (Hilarious, huh?)
  2. Most of the chapters are actually numbered this time. (Which is a good thing, because last year, whenever I recorded what books I read, I was always a stickler for writing down how many pages and chapters a book had, so I had to count myself how many chapters it had.)
  3. There are 594 pages (so close to 600!) and 45 chapters. Awesome! So much Pendragon to read!!!
Yeah, that's all I'm revealing. Nope, nothing else. Anyway, when you start reading it, right away you know it's gonna be an awesome finale to the series. Annette and I had so much fun reading together on the bus. It was like starting the final Harry Potter book. It feels so historic. ^,^ But I've got to resist. You wouldn't believe how many other books I want to read first before tackling Pendragon. But again, I own it now, so I'll be very happy to take my sweet ol' time. Like Jacoby, I'll admit that I'm reluctant to get to the end.

Even so, just reading D. J. MacHale's preface is wonderful. He writes the best prefaces, doesn't he? ^,~

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~*panda*~ said...

i want to read that book so bad! is it any good?