Saturday, August 1, 2009

June and July books

Sorry that I missed my chance to write about my June books, but I seem to have read so little this month that I figured I should put them together. Even so, it doesn't seem to add up to much. So much for summer reading. :P

Okay, here's where I say something about what I remember from each book I read, the impression it still leaves on me weeks after I read them. The titles are also linked to their respective reviews, so you can check them out at your leisure.

Persepolis 2... an okay read. It's a graphic novel with interesting subject matter. Wouldn't really recommend it to everyone, but it's good. I have the same opinion for Sloth. Cool graphic novel, but not necessarily recommended for my friends. I've read Holes before, but it was great rereading it just the same. I think the movie was just slightly better than the book. I remember that Jonathan's Journey to Mount Miapu was a little difficult for me to get into, because it's supposed to be a kind of fantasy/ spiritual "adventure" for young kids, like 10 years old or something. (The titular character is 10 years old.) Still I liked it pretty much. When I was finished I was surprised to find that the author comes from Florida. Flight #5 and Flight #6 were both really awesome. Well, what else can one expect from this cool comic collection? Somehow I think this is the end of the series, because in #6 the "Saga of Rex", that story with no words about the fox on an alien planet that kept saying "to be continued..." finally ended. Oh well. Wings was a really cool story. I mean, really cool. Almost Twilight cool. Honestly. Speaking of which, The Twilight Companion was a really good handbook for lovers of the Saga. Lot of info on vampires and werewolves in other books and films too. And finally, Thin Threads was also a really fun read. It kept me good and occupied in the beginning of my twin's and my trip to Boston. It's a collection of really good inspirational stories.
Sorry. I didn't actually post reviews for these books, but I felt like I should say something about them. Rich Dad, Poor Dad: For Teens, by Robert Kiyosaki, was a non-fiction book about financial stuff. I meant to write a review for it, but I forgot to. I've read it before, so I wasn't learning much new stuff, but this book was very special in it's own little way. This was the book I wrote about when I commented in James Dashner's blog to enter his little contest to win a Maze Runner ARC. (Scroll down a little to see my entry.) I don't know if I won because of this book, but Kiyosaki's book still made history for me! I'm just glad I didn't enter with the book I read afterwards, Friendship According to Humphrey. This was a book my brother was reading. Hey, I was bored!
These books I've read in passing while visiting at a bookstore. The last time I visited Barnes and Noble (last Wednesday to be exact), I was 12 chapters away from finishing The Hunt for Dark Infinity. I wish I could have finished it right there, but we had to leave. Don't worry, I'll give a proper review for it once I'm officially done with it. When I couldn't find any good books when searching in Borders, I'd pick up Fabelhaven #2 to pass the time. I forget which chapter I got to... 5 or something like that. It's an okay series, but it's not really high priority for me. Like, the books aren't something I want to read ASAP.

Of course, in this next month I'm going to be in for an ultra-awesome treat... MAZE RUNNER!!! I cannot wait to get my ARC in the mail! It should arrive any day now! *squeal!* I'll be sure to post here the very moment it does.

Alright, as a last order of business, I'd like to give props to Dave, another book-blogger that is trying to get some more followers, particularly Dashner fans. Here's his site. He most recently wrote about how much he liked Maze Runner (which makes me even more excited for my Advanced Reader's Copy to come in. ^,^). He promised to post about more books tomorrow, so I recommend you swing by the site when you have the time. There might be contests sometime soon!


Dave said...

Thanks Magenta for all of your help and for being active in our blog! We greatly appreciate it. Its cool to share book reviews/thoughts with other people who enjoy the same type of reading. I already posted a link to your site on ours and I'm going to sign up to follow your blog. If I didn't already suggest it, and/or you haven't already read them, kristin Cashore, a fairly newish author has written a great book called "Graceling" and the sequel (sort of prequel, side-by-side) companion book that is due out soon is called "Fire" are great books that I plan to review on my site. Possibly tomorrow. I have so many books I want to review, I have to pick the order of importance. I will also hopefully be reviewing the sequel to "The Hunger Games", "Catching Fire". As always with an ARC, I will not include any spoilers. I don't want to ruim it for potential readers, just get them excited if the book warrants it, and trust me, "Catching Fire" warrants it. So if you haven't, chexk out "Graceling" and check back tomorrow night on our site if you have the time. Thanks again for your support and participation. And I love your site! I've been browsing through, and its pretty cool. Looks like you have put a lot of work into it and love reading/reviewing! See ya soon!

Dave said...

Oh, and sorry about the long post :O) this one will be shorter! Sorry again and thanks!

Dave said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I went out and bought "Alvor" by Laura Bingham earlier today. I loved the first of the "Ember" series and am going to work on my reviews I promised today. I'm going to read the 2nd book of "Ember" and then take a break and read "Alvor" before finishing the last 2 books. It looks good enough to move to the top of the "to read" pile! Thanks again! Ill prob only do a few reviews today as my kids want to get their first ones up there also, but ill be actively doing them going forward. Again, thanks for your support and all your help!