Saturday, August 15, 2009

Farworld: Water Keep, by J. Scott Savage.

Sorry it's taken me so long to post about this book. So many other things in the Blogosphere have been distracting me. The Authorpalooza... certain contests... other stuff...

I think I'll make this short and sweet. This series, Farworld, seems to show some promise here. I'm not sure I liked the beginning all that much, (especially the first chapter. What the heck is an ishkabiddle???) but by the end of the book I was curious about what would happen next.

The story is that a kid in a wheelchair, named Marcus, has this pretend world that he goes to in his imagination, Farworld. The animals talk and make corny jokes, magic runs rampant, and he's friends with a pretty girl there. In fact, it's a little weird, because Marcus can actually do certain magic tricks, like disappearing and knowing when certain bullies are about to attack him.

But soon Marcus is sucked into Farworld, for real. His imaginary friend, Kyja, is the only girl who cannot perform magic, and Farworld is in danger. (What kind of story would there be if the world wasn't in danger?) To save Earth and Farworld, the two kids have to go to the Elementals of Water Keep, Land Keep, Air Keep and Fire Keep for help, which is supposed to be a near impossible task because the Elementals want nothing to do with one another. In their first adventure (obviously), their mission is to find Water Keep.

I think my favorite parts were whenever Marcus and Kyja "world-jumped" to Earth. Kyja's reactions to Earth things, like cars and fast food and basketball, are pretty comical.

Despite there being 4 Keeps the kids need to go to for help, I've heard that there will be 5 books in the Farworld series. The last one will be Shadow Keep. I wonder what that's about...

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