Monday, July 13, 2009

Thin Threads and Sloth

This review is definitely late in posting, so I thought I'd get to it.

Thin Threads: Life Changing Moments, is a book of inspirational stories that was compiled by one of my mom's best friends, Stacy. It's going to be a series, kind of like Chicken Soup for the Soul or something. I read this while on Annette's and my flight to Boston and the first couple days after we arrived. I finished it quickly.

All the stories that are in this book are really great. There's a couple about people who get into big accidents and get stuck in wheelchairs, but they accept it and go on to lead a good life. There are a few tales about how people met their future spouses that were either romantic or pretty funny. (One girl met her husband online, while the internet was still a brand new thing! How wild!) There are lots of stories about how people started the business of their dreams, or got a brand new outlook on life because of a small event, or they ask for something really hard and the next day it's theirs! I think there's a story for everyone, and the great thing is that they're all apparently real stories. I highly recommend it. 'Nuf said.

Now Sloth, on the other hand, is a graphic novel written by Gilbert Hernandez, a guy I know absolutely nothing about. In fact, I took this book off the library shelf without knowing anything about it, except it was a graphic novel and the drawing style looked cool. It was... alright. The story is about teens who are stuck in a small town, and there seems to be alternate universes where one of them goes into a coma for a year. Confusing, I know. See, first the guy goes into a coma, and then comes out of it a year later, to find a few changes. His loving grandparents take care of him and he's got a girlfriend and a best friend that explore a lemon orchard because it's the stuff of urban legends. And then, halfway through the book, the story changes so it's like the girlfriend is the one that had the coma, only things are different in her world. Her grandparents are mean to her, and the guy is only her crush and the best friend is actually a super-famous rock star or something.

As you can see, it was just a really weird story. But I'm glad it was in comic book format, because I don't think I would have understood it or even been interested in this story if it was in normal novel form. Still, I would give it a 1 on a 1-5 scale. I don't recommend it. But at least I read it so I could tell you guys it's not interesting. Thin Threads is a much more fulfilling read.

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