Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once upon a Marigold

Once upon a Marigold is a fantastic short read! Clocking in at 266 pages its a pretty short read

What I love most about this book is the fact that it really does keep to the old style of fairy-tales. While at the same time it has a lot of humor in the story that will make you smile and even on occasion, laugh out loud.

The story starts with the character Edric, a forrest troll with two dogs that will walk paths and scavenge all the treasures he finds there.

(before I continue, to break the cliche I'm sure you are thinking of, think of the movie Shrek. If you told someone it was a story about an ogre, they would think man-eating monster. when he isnt't. Same thing with Edric, he is not evil, or man-eating, but a generally nice person)

While he was looking around, he found a 6 year-old boy hiding in a bush. After asking him where he was from he found out that his name was Christain, and he was a runaway. Edric, noticing it was getting dark, took Christain home with him for the night. The next morning Edric told him that he was going to go and try and find Christians parents. Christain (being crafty for a 6 year-old) told Ed that if he turned him in he would tell them that Ed had kidnapped him and planned on ransoming him. So Ed had no choice but to let him stay.

11 years later is when the story really picks up. A wild ride involving princesses, curses, fairys, comedy, evil poisen-making queens, befuddled kind old kings, inventors, p-mail and love.

This story is a must read for anyone that is looking for an overall feel-good story

I rate it 4.9 of 5


Priya said...

Sounds good! Great review.

Magenta said...

Hurray! I didn't notice that you'd written a new post for my book club until now! Good for you. ^,^

Seems like a cute and interesting story, if it's kind of Shrek-ish.

I really hope you'll think of some other books you can review. After all, this can't possibly be the only book you read since that other one you reviewed, SO YESTERDAY.

Anonymous said...

Love the cover and this book sounds good!

Thanks for visiting this morning! :) I love checking out other blogs.