Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spaniard in the Works, by John Lennon

A few years after writing "In His Own Write," the famous Beatle, John Lennon, came out with a new book that was just as wonderful, funny, and just flat-out silly as his first one! The same hilarious style of suggestive mis-spellings, purposeful grammatical errors and non-sequiting sentences is applied to this volume, and is still extremely funny. Trust me! ^,^

There's not much difference between John's two works. His stories and poetry barely make any sense, but they're sure to raise a smile every time you read them aloud. The books appear to share roughly the same dimensions and page length as well. The only real difference is that in "Spaniard in the Works," the stories are longer than just a page per. So that means fewer stories to laugh at. ~,~ But it's quite alright. It's still a perfect read for when you're in that particular silly mood. (Or, if you don't already feel silly, this book will quickly put you in a good mood, that's for sure. ^_~)

Oh, and of course I can't forget to mention the doodly pictures John provides. They're all so cute and funny. ^,^ John Lennon may be most famous for being a member of the Fab Four, but this guy was a true artist in just so many areas, on many levels. He could write, he could draw, he could sing, he could play, he could act... What could this guy not do?

I also wanted to mention, for John's sake, that I've tasted the Ben and Jerry's ice-cream flavor that was named in his honor, "Imagine Whirled Peace." I gotta say, he sure is tasty! Plus, on September 9, 2009, (ha ha. 9-9-9!) a new edition of the video game Rock Band will be released that is all about the Beatles! It'll play Beatle songs, the characters will be the Beatles, the instruments will be just like they used to play, and if you master the songs you get to see never before seen bonus material about the Beatles!!! I don't play video games that much, but I know that I'd definitely start if I owned this game!

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