Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holes, by Louis Sachar

It didn't take me long at all to read this book. My brother is actually reading this, but I felt bored, so I picked it up. The chapters are so breezy and short, just a page or two on average. Louis Sachar is a good author. I remember loving his Wayside School Stories when I was in elementary school. I've read Holes before, but it's still good the second time around.

I believe the first time I read it was a little before I saw the movie. I can hardly believe that was several years ago already. Shia LaBeouf was really good in that. The movie was very faithful to the book. All the characters and interconnected stories... just awesome. The only thing I totally forgot was that in the book, the main character, Stanley Yelnats (or Caveman as his friends later call him) is described as a bit overweight, but Shia LaBeouf was obviously not fat. I don't know why that little detail was important. I suppose in the book he was fat because then it would make it that much easier to dig his holes. Putting weight on the shovel...

Other than that though, I loved how close the film and the novel were. Of course, the movie was produced by Walden Media, which, in my opinion, does the best job ever when it comes to adapting awesome books to the silver screen as faithfully as possible.

It's kind of funny... I read this while I was at the beach today and for a while I was reading out in the hot sun. So I'm reading how Stanley and the other boys have to dig these holes all day in the desert, with little water, and I'm reading and feeling really hot, so I could relate to them even closer. (Even though my situation was totally different. They were hot, but physically had to work really hard. I was hot, but I was lazing around and reading about it. Still... ^,^) Don't worry, I didn't get burned.

I liked it when I found out that Sachar wrote a sequel to Holes. It's called Small Steps. Instead of concentrating on Caveman or Zero though, the story follows the life of Armpit. Pretty good story. Since this book was made into a movie, I'll follow my tradition and attach a trailer of the film Holes to this review, though I'm betting a lot of you have already heard of it.


J.N. Future Author said...

there is a sequel? wow, I didn't know that!

^.^ hehe, I love that book!

Graham Chops said...

The sequel is more of a side story with X-ray and Armpit. It's on my list for this summer, JN.

And yes the movie was great and very faithful to the book... 'cause Louis Sachar got to write the screenplay :-)