Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Books

This month has been okay. I hadn't been able to read quite as much as I'd wanted at the beginning of the month, because I had to concentrate on studying for my SAT test. All the same, I probably read a lot faster and more rabidly than the average reader, so my book count is still impressive. I've officially read 7 books this month. If the last book in my row confuses you, that one is called Kenny and the Dragon. I never wrote a review about it because it was too simple and childish for my taste; it was a book meant for Adam to read. At the time, I had nothing else to read, so... Well, Adam said he liked it a lot. And I read the book, so it counts. Oh, and I guess I never wrote about me finishing Bone #9, so that makes 8.

-->This is the very first month in which J.N. published a review for a book he read. Way to go, Jacoby!

I'm pleased to say that I loved all the books I chose to read this month. Well, barring Kenny. The Pendragon: Before the War series is awesome. All the Travelers' back stories are so much fun. I think the 39 Clue series is also quite good. Scat I loved because it was the perfect distraction from my big test, and it was great. In reading Battle of the Labyrinth, I'm semi glad that I finished the last of the available series. I know there's the last book on the horizon, but I think I'm content pretending that it ends there, because I don't really want to read more Percy. Gilbert Grape was alright. Besides Scat, this was a very interesting read that was close to actual life. I won't give an opinion on Kenny. It's not for mature, seasoned readers. It belongs more in the group of books designed to get kids to at least like reading books, and not hate them. The finale for Bone was almost anticlimactic in the very end, but I loved the whole series and do not regret reading it.

I'm not sure what to say about J.N.'s book, So Yesterday, because I'm not sure it's my type of read, but I congratulate Jacoby, once again, on contributing a little to this blog.

Why are these books posted here, you ask? Well, these are books I've started, but didn't really finish in March. Inkdeath and Otherland
were books I was interested in around the time of the SATs, but they were so huge and difficult to really get into that I gave up on them. I don't think I even like the Inkheart series anymore. It shouldn't have been a trilogy. Should have stopped with the first book. The other four books I read on one visit to Borders. A few chapters of each. Except for Eclipse. I actually finished this 3rd Twilight book yesterday, so I'll write a review on it later today, but since it doesn't count as a March book...

So here's where the numbers stand: Bettina, with a score of 32 books read in the 2009; and Jacoby, with only 1 book to report having read. I can't speak for all the books you read this year but didn't mention. I know you're all busy, but you might want to up the ante, so we're at least more even this month. Just a suggestion.

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