Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flight: Volumes 1, 2 and 4

These books are the first two and 4th in an awesome graphic- novel series, or an anthology as they're called. Each book is a compilation of many short comic stories, in lots of different styles. Each little story might have a tiny something to do with flight, like the main character likes flying or planes or something similar, but not all of them have to do with flight. I found that most of them in Volume 2 and 4 had nothing to do with flight. But all the comics were cute and engaging. I like graphic novels. Unless they're obviously heavy on manga or anime or whatever. But comics are a wonderful story-telling medium. I especially liked the few comics that didn't have any words in them, so you have to infer the meaning from the story. For example, here is one of my favorite strips from Volume 2, the first one that was in it (which did have flight in it, I guess.) It's not the whole thing, but it's still cute and tells part of the story.

It's too bad I had to skip Volume 3, but hopefully it'll come out from the library soon. Turns out that there are a couple more volumes of these graphic novels. I believe there only used to be four, but I think a fifth one was turned out very recently, and a sixth volume is rumored to be in production. I hope there turns out to be plenty more.

This is a good series for those who simply appreciate comics, like cool artwork, or enjoy a nicely weaved short story. It's also great if you happen to not exactly like reading regular books, because this is mostly pictures. I went through them very quickly. Doesn't mean you will too, but they are speedy reads.


Graham Chops said...

Excellent recommendation. I haven't read a whole lot of graphic novels, so I'll get this on the list. I think that last graphic novel series I actually enjoyed was Bone, and I haven't read ALL of those yet.

Magenta said...

You should definitely read these Flight books, Graham. I have the third book ready in the library, so I'll probably review that soon.

Cool that you like Bone. I've read all of them. I love Bone. The end of the last book, though, was a little anticlimactic. Watch out for that.

Graham Chops said...

Come on, Bettina! You gotta get in the one-post-a-day club!!! :-)