Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer

Man, oh man. What a follow-up to Twilight this book was! 565 pages, long, or 25 chapters. It took me 4 whole days to get through it. This time there wasn't a preview of the next book, so that was good. When I started this book on the 12th, I skipped the 1st chapter completely, since I remembered it perfectly from when I read it after finishing Twilight. But now, whenever I get Eclipse, I'm glad the whole thing will be a surprise. This was published 2006.

I absolutely loved it! It was just as awesome, maybe even more so, than it's predecessor. I'm sorry to have to disagree with Brian, but I thought this book was really good. I now understand why in the movie Twilight Victoria is shown in such a foreshadowing position, because she is quite a dangerous presence in the plot. She's never "shown" in the story, but she's a big threat to Bella anyway.

Anyway, like the first book, I found myself irresistibly, emotionally attached to the story somehow. It was again as if I were playing Bella, and whenever I put the book down I kept thinking about it, still feeling everything she told me she was feeling. When Edward dumped her, I thought her feeble existence in the following months was a bit pathetic, but I sympathized with her anyway. Still, it was cool when the plot picked up and she found a reason to live again. I loved getting to know Jacob Black. He's a really good character. Especially since his name is one letter away from someone I know ^,^ . Even him being a werewolf doesn't make me like him any less. I thought it was a little funny when Bella steps back and wonders why she finds herself so attracted to mythical monsters.

I think the last part was the best though. When Bella and Alice rush over to save Edward from killing himself. That was as exciting as when Bella was being hunted by James in the first book. Of course, as the story ends, I'm very curious about how things turn out. I mean, Bella likes Jacob, but she absolutely loves Edward. It seems inevitable that she's going to turn into a vampire herself sometime soon in the series, since she can't stand the idea of Edward looking forever young while she ages. I'm just so psyched about this series I can't stand waiting for the next part.

I'm sorry for giving away so many spoilers, and for making this a long review. I hope soon I'll get the chance to discuss this book with someone who's read it and shares my high approval. I also hope I won't be the only one reviewing books for much longer. Huh, now I wonder what I'm going to read next. How is it ever going to compare to this reading experience? I hope I don't set myself up for disappointment. Not everyone can write like Ms. Meyer.

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^.^ a very good book! the cliff jumping was an awesome scene!

just one letter away...^.~,