Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Books

Well, it's the end of another month. No surprise there. But it is a surprise how many books I managed to read this February, because even though it's a couple days shorter than January, I read 13 books in total. Just 1 less than last month. Of course, you wouldn't know that by looking in my archives. I wrote about the last three Bone books in one post. And I'm not even finished with the last book, The Crown of Horns. So should I even count it in my books read this month? No, I don't think I should. So that takes one off the count. So I'm sorry, but I read 12 books in all this month. Here's all of them:

The Giver I didn't like so much, since it was so short. Plus I'm not a fan of reading books over again. I like reading them once and then that's usually it. The Hunger Games was one of my favorites this month. The Bone series is as funny and exciting as ever. Masterpiece was so-so, I think, a bit childish for my taste. I really liked The Last Invisible Boy. It's a great story about a character I wish I knew. New Moon was absolutely amazing. It makes me wish to finish the saga even more. Erec Rex #2 was good, although when I emailed Kaza to tell her I'd read it, she never wrote back. Oh well. I'm sure you're busy, Kaza. You guys should definitely read Join Me. It's hilarious. And it's a great idea. Fly By Night was alright, though I wouldn't say it was a big favorite of mine. At least, it doesn't compare to the other books I've read so far. The last and most recent book I finished, just today in fact, is Writing Magic, by Gail Carson Levine. If you don't know her, she wrote Ella Enchanted. That's all I've read of her, and even then only because I liked the movie with Anne Hathaway. But her writing book is really good. It's full of fun exercises to try out. I've promised myself that I'd try out every one of them. So far I've written the beginnings of a couple story ideas. I wouldn't show them to anyone now, but I think they've got some potential.

So, that's it for my monthly review. Just so you're up to speed, I've written about 26 books in this entire blog so far. Amazing, and it's only been 2 months! I'll bet you, my regular readers, are surprised because I said in my regular blog that I wouldn't write a blog post for at least a week. Well, I kind of figure my book blog doesn't really count. So there.
I notice that people haven't really been commenting on my book reviews lately. Are you guys bored by my posts? Or is anyone really reading this? Am I just typing for no one's benefit? What kind of book club am I running here?

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