Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bone #6: Old Man's Cave, by Jeff Smith

I'm beginning to think I don't care for my strict book review form anymore. I'm the only one who really cares for statistics (probably because I'm a Virgo), and you're probably as tired of them as I am. You probably just skip the numbers to get to the real descriptions anyway. So I'm just going to tell you the facts straight up.

You know the book's title and the author's name because they're in the post title, so we don't need to worry about that. Also, in case you're curious when this book was published (I always am, because usually I find I like more recently published books than old, dusty classics) the graphic novel itself is from 2007, but since these used to be old comics they were originally published about 10 years ago. I also like mentioning how long a book is, because then you would know if you might enjoy such a book length. This Bone book has 118 pages of comic pictures, compiled into 5 chapters. So roughly 24 pages for each chapter. This was so easy to read that I tackled it in one day, easy-peasy. Today, actually, February 8, in one morning, one sitting. I find I can read the Bone books very quickly. Anway, this one was good. Bone is such a cute character. I'm not sure how to describe the story, since I haven't bothered to describe all the other novels, but I seriously reccomend the series if you haven't taken it up yet. It's kind of like, high fantasy, with dragons and a princess and talking animals and stuff. I think there are nine books in the series. I love graphic novels like these.

Yes, I think this is a much better way to do book reviews. For one thing, the cover picture is a lot bigger. For another, it makes it a lot easier for someone else to contribute to this blog. That's right. I'm not going to be the only one writing book reviews for long. At least, I don't think so. My friend, Jacoby, of Ditto's Pad and Picture Perfect, has expressed interest in being Team Members with me, which means more than one person can write a blog together. From here on out, you're gonna see which books the two of us enjoy. This is going to be fun, sharing a blog with someone on the oppisite side of the country! See you, Jacoby.

BTW, here is the link to the Boneville website. And I'm not very sure, but in the Bone Wikipedia article, it says there might be a movie about the series in the future, but it was only announced last year, so they're probably nowhere close to finishing. No preview of it yet. But keep your eyes peeled.

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Bettina's book club! sounds awesome! ^.^

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