Monday, February 2, 2009

January Books

Sorry. I wanted to write this yesterday, but you know, the Superbowl. I stayed up too late.
Anyway, what a month of reading for me, huh? 9 official books I've reviewed here, but I believe I should have counted a few other books on my list. On my trips to Borders I've continued to read the Bone graphic novels by Jeff Smith, and now I'm up to #6. They're really fun. Also I read a piece of non-fiction cover to cover, If you Want to Write, which, obviously, gives you advice on how to write good stuff. The picture below isn't the same cover as the one I read, but it sure looks better. (Thanks for recommending it, Jacoby!) It's a good book even for people who don't want to write, because it addresses on any creative outlet. If you're an artist, a musician, a chef, or anything else, you can read this book and gain from it. Good, so anyway, *say it like Leslie* I suppose that, technically, this means I've read 14 books this month. Whew!

The Books of Ember series was awesome. I'll never forget it. The movie of The City of Ember was really good, very accurate in the plot details. I hope there's a sequel soon. I look forward to continuing the Twilight Saga. I'm so glad that I saw the movie, because it was so amazingly close to the book. I didn't like the book Coraline so much, as you already know, but the movie will come out in theaters very soon, and I think I will enjoy it a lot better (it's in 3D!) Erec Rex I liked, and The Titan's Curse, so I'll probably read more of them this month. I absolutely loved The Host. It would be too complex to make into a movie, but it would be really cool if someone did. I hope someday to add The Willoughbys to my future personal library. Fone Bone is so cute, and he and his cousins have really awesome adventures. I think the writing book was pretty helpful. I'll get to put it's advice to good use this month. I have 13 Writing Days to look forward to in February! (Check my regular blog.)
Ah, it's so nice to see all the covers of the books I've read all lined up like that. I'm not sure what the first book I'm going to read this month is, since I've got nothing now, but I hope it'll be good. If you guys want to comment, tell me which book review of mine you liked the most.

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