Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Battle of the Labyrinth, by Rick Riordan

Facts: I read this in about 2 days. It was published in 2008. It had 360 pages, or 20 chapters. I suppose the chapters don't really matter though. Then again, neither does how long it takes me to finish a book. The only time I'm excited about my reading speed is when I finish a really good book in one day. I'll let you know when that happens.

My Opinion: This Percy Jackson book was a pretty good one. Sometimes it's hard keeping track of so many characters, but I can handle it. I still enjoy reading about all the different Greek legends and gods and monsters. You can unwittingly learn a lot of stuff reading this way. Like the story about Daedalus inventing the labyrinth. You know, I also used to remember the myth about a Greek man and his son escaping a dungeon by making temporary wings with feathers and wax, and the son flew too high so the sun melted the wax and the boy dropped into the sea. I didn't know that that guy was Daedalus too. Some things like that just connected in my brain.

The story was exciting, and from the end I can tell that the final show-down will be in the next book. It has to be. I mean, Percy turned 15 and the prophecy revolves around him turning 16. Plus Kronos is in Luke's body and there's definitely going to be a big Olympian war. Another thing I enjoyed was reading about Percy's kinda messed up love life. Like, he seems to like Annabeth and she must like him, since they've known each other through all the books and saved each other a hundred times. But there's a human who can see through the magical Mist, Rachel, who Percy seems to also have a semi-crush on. It makes me really wonder who he'll end up with when the world is saved and it's all over. Well, hopefully the world will be saved. That's all up to Rick Riordan, though.

I have a feeling that I won't be reading an awful lot this week, since I need to work hard on my SAT studies. So don't expect any book reports until after the 14th. If something does happen to turn up on this book club blog, I sure hope it's a book that Jacoby's read. (Please don't make me do all the work around here.)

*Edit* BTW, Q, I thought of you every time Percy's sword/pen Riptide was mentioned. I'm still confused about how it came to be in your possession. Think you can clear it up for me?


Q said...

Well, one of my friends (who is quite awesome) gave me Riptide for my birthday. I'd take a picture of it for you, but the Mist works on cameras, too.

Brian said...

I loved this one. It was one of the better ones. The fifth is coming out in May!