Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reading the Bible

As one of my resolutions for 2012, I have decided that, in addition to any books I might read this year, I will dedicate a bit of every day to reading the Bible, and I will finish all 39 books of the Old Testament before the year ends. This decision isn't for any particular reason, spiritual or no. I'm not that religious. Really, I'm just curious about reading the Bible because it's the best selling book in the world, EVER, and I've never actually sat down and read it before. I'm familiar with most of the stories, but I figured there must be something the Bible can teach me.

So yeah, if I have any followers left, I hope you'll join me on my little Bible reading journey here. ^_^ I don't mean any disrespect to the religious people, but I'm going to treat the Bible like it was any other novel series, and just give my honest opinions about the books. I'll see if they hold up by my story-telling standards, whether they are good enough for recommending to people.

Wish me luck, everyone! Tomorrow I'm going to dive into the first book. The one that started it all (and when I say all, I mean everything! Lol), Genesis. I didn't start the Bible today, because I've been partying all day (beginning of 2012, y'all!) and I'm just too tired. But I'll get a fresh start tomorrow.

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