Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Books

The Rainbow Boys Trilogy (which consists of Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High, and Rainbow Road) was, in my opinion, a totally awesome series to read! It centers around these 3 gay guys who all go to school together. Every alternating chapter is told through one of their points of view. Each of their personalities were really interesting, and it was fun reading about what happened to them.

The Death Cure, the last book in the Maze Runner Trilogy (unless you count the prequel James Dashner is rumored to be working on), made a pretty good ending to the series. I hadn't read the other books, Maze Runner and Scorch Trials, for a long time, but it brought me up to speed quickly, and I cared a lot about what happened to the characters I remembered and loved. It was quite tough, because a couple of my favorite characters (not gonna say who!) died, and Thomas, the main character, gets completely torn up over them. Near the end, it kind of reminded me of how Harry Potter ended, because (spoiler alert!) Thomas is required to give himself up basically to die, and it very nearly looks like he's going to die, and he accepts it. But despite that, the story has a pretty happy ending, and it's open, so the reader is left to decide what happens next.

All in all, I'm glad I read these books, and highly recommend them. Sorry these were rushed reviews. =P But now it's a new year tomorrow! YAY!!! ^_^

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