Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bible Book 3: Leviticus

Jan. 16-Jan. 18. Finished reading Leviticus in 3 days.

Leviticus pretty much carries on where Exodus left off, but nothing really happens. I would call this my least-liked book in the bible, because all it basically is is God giving the jews an entire array of pagan and nit picky rules. From sacrifices, how and when to prepare them, to leprosy and what you do if you have it. From what you're allowed to eat, to who you're forbidden from sleeping with. I mean, I get that you can't "sleep" with family, because that's just plain wrong. But I was sad to discover that it actually says in the bible, in this very book, Chap 18~Verse 22 that men can't sleep with other men. :( Just a couple of chapters later, in Chap 20~Verse 13, it said if a man does get caught sleeping with another man, both guys should be stoned to death. >,< For those who don't know me, I am a big supporter for gay rights, so those passages were my absolute least-favorite in the book. And hey, there were lots of weird and horrible rules to contend with here!

Basically the moral of this story is that God is holy, so the Jewish people should try their best to be holy too, because they're the "chosen people", so these are instructions on how you live a holy life. Besides all the rules, this book isn't very exciting. I mean there are short, fleeting moments when action happens, little scenes. Like when Moses anointied the tabernacle and all the furniture and all the priest costumes that God had told the people to make just so, back in Exodus. There's the time when two of Aaron’s sons play with some bad incense when they weren't supposed to, so they get burned by God for it! There was also a brief story where a guy cursed with God's name in vain, so God ordered everyone to stone him, to make him an example out of him. Riveting, isn't it? :/

I don't want to dwell on reviewing this book any longer than I have to, so I'll just end it here. Hopefully Numbers will be less boring... although with a name like that, I'm not optimistic.

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Graham said...

I read the entire Old Testament in the summer of 2004. Numbers is pretty darn boring.

And the first eight chapters of Chronicles 1 isn't much better. Sigh.