Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2009 Books

104 books this year. Can you believe it? I can't. Just look at this wall of book covers...

I've completed 6 series this year, and they are the Books of Ember, the Twilight Saga, Before the War, Once and Twice Upon Marigold, the John Lennon poem collections, the two Stargirls, and the two available Future Stories. Total books: 20

With these 6 series, Erec Rex, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Robert Langdon adventures, 13th Reality, 39 clues, and the Hunger Games, I only managed to read 2 books in each respective series. That makes 12 books in that category. (6 x 2, duh.)

All these books are part of a series, but I've only read 1 from each of them. In most cases, it's because it's only the 1st book in the series, but in a couple cases it's the 4th, or the 10th. 16 books.

All the graphic novels I've read: 22. Mostly thanks to a couple wonderful series, Bone and Flight.

Okay, all these novels are meant to stand on their own. As far as I know, anyway: 17

Nonfiction books: 14

And 1 book that Jacoby has reviewed that I didn't read about yet.

These are all the books I have read this year!!! It is simply amazing. I wish that I could have most all these books in a library, but at least they are stored away in my mind.

I'm not sure whether this counts or not, but this year I've also been fortunate enough to read a couple of unofficial books (aka, as of yet unpublished books), called "Sidewinder" and "Lunaratus", which were both written by my wonderful friend, Graham Bradley. He posts regularly on his own review blog, Graham Chops, and on his personal blog, On a Grahampage. Great blogs, but more to the point, really awesome books! ^_~ Graham is currently looking for a publisher for both these books. I very much hope he finds someone to make these stories a reality for the general public. I'm crossing all my fingers for him.

That is my First Annual Wrapup! (You don't want to know how long it took me to get each and every picture!!!)


J.N. Future Author said...

wow, that IS quite a lot of books! I don't even know how many I have read myself! O.o,

Graham Chops said...

Thanks for the support Magenta. I appreciate your enthusiasm for reading, and for turning me toward so many good books. May 2010 be just as productive :-)