Saturday, December 12, 2009

Causing a Scene, by Charlie Todd and Alex Scordelis

I got inspired to reserve this book from the library because I'm a big fan ofthe YouTube channel Improv Everywhere. They've got hilarious videos about the different pranks they pull on the general public. I'd seen a particularly awesome clip the other day, and I discovered that Improv Everywhere actually had their own website. In it I found they'd published a book full of a bunch of their escapades, so I figured it would be quite an entertaining read. I was right. ^_^

I loved all the jokes, or "missions", as they are referred to, described in this book. From everybody freezing in place for 5 minutes in Grand Central Station, making the regularly hustle-bustle people stop and think, "What the heck? Did all these people get shot with a freeze ray or something?", to a 5 minute series of events repeated over and over again in a local Starbucks, as if time has gone haywire on the befuddled college kids. From a scene right out of a romantic comedy, to a hypnotist who actually convinces his audience that his powers are real. There's even a prank that involves the pranksters, or "agents", wearing no pants on a train ride, mystifying all the passengers!

These guys are so funny, and their over-all mission, I believe, is quite a noble one. Just try and shake up normal life a little, make people think about things in a whole new way. They don't play any mean-hearted jokes on anyone, and they never ever break character and admit that the whole thing is actually a joke. Improv Everywhere tries to leave their audience with a great story to tell their friends and their grandkids.

All the stories are wonderful, and I think everyone would enjoy reading about them. In some cases, it's almost better than watching the video clips, in my opinion. But anyway, I highly recommend that you read this book, or at the very least, check out the Improv Everywhere website, to see what these guys are all about.

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