Monday, December 14, 2009

Love, Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli

Yes, so soon after reading the original Stargirl, I dived into it's sequel. I started it yesterday and barely came up for breath until I finished it this evening. I loved, loved, loved it even better than the first one. It's about the same silly character who brings joy to strangers lives and experiences every day to it's fullest, but this time, it's from her point of view.

The book has quite a fascinating format. It's written in sort of a journal like fashion, though Stargirl calls it the World's Longest Letter, because she pretends that she's writing to the boy that broke up with her in the last book, Leo. She starts at the beginning of an unknown year, on January 1st, and writes nearly every day, like a regular journal, all the way to the close of the year, spilling over to January 2nd. In this World's Longest Letter, Stargirl reveals and relates all her year's adventures in the town she's recently moved in and introduces readers to quite a cast of funny, authentic characters, the neighbors she makes life-long friends with.

I think Stargirl has turned into one of my favorite characters of all time. I may have a lot of other authors, stories and book series that I like better than Jerry Spinelli and his novels (no offense to Jerry! I absolutely love his writing style. Still, I have my favorite epics), but Stargirl is totally awesome! ^_^ She's homeschooled, like me, but she's just someone else!

All the little stories contained in the larger story were so intriguing, and it was wonderful how it all came together in the end. I liked the romance part about it, in which there's a guy Stargirl thinks she likes, but she still believes she's in love with Leo. Yes, even Stargirl's life gets confused like that once in a while. She is a teenager, after all. But I simply loved the entire thing. The feeling that I'm reading someone like Stargirl's personal journal is, personally, quite a thrill.

You must read this book, as well as it's predecessor. Read both of them, one after the other. Your life will not be complete until you do!

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