Friday, October 1, 2010

Nightlight, by The Harvard Lampoon

This book is freakin' hilarious! A complete parody of the Twilight Saga, this thin parody will give you a barrel of laughs with every page turn. Seriously, I dare you to try reading it aloud and NOT feel the urge to giggle. XD

The characters are Belle Goose and Edwart Mullen. (Clever names, are they not?) Belle is waaaay crazy and self-absorbed. She doesn't make any sense with her ramblings and thought-processes, but that doesn't stop her from being funny. When she catches sight of pale, handsome, but terribly geeky Edwart, she is positive that he is a vampire. (Is he? You are certainly left guessing until the very end.)

Since this book was little over a hundred pages, I finished it really quickly. Sometimes I read a few choice passages aloud to my brother and sister, and it never failed to make us l.o.l., or laugh out loud, if you prefer.

Yeah, so definitely check this out. It is as good as (if not better than) any of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books. Trust me. You won't be sorry reading this book. (Unless you die of laughter.)


Rainy said...

They seriously made a book parody of Twilight? I mean, Vampires Suck (the movie) was completely expected, but a book?

I don't know. Twilight is getting old. It's overrated. I liked it when I read it, and yeah, I couldn't stand Bella at all or all the romance, but I enjoyed the action-y stuff. But now, not even that interests me. I'd rather stick with HP.

Magenta said...

Rainy! Thanks for commenting. ^_^

Oh come on, you'll love this book, I promise. It's hilarious. Yes, it's very much like Twilight, but it's purely for laughs. You won't regret it!