Monday, March 8, 2010

Reinventing yourself, by Steve Chandler

This was a very inspirational book. Usually I'm a bit skeptical about these kind of books, but I really liked the writing style of this one. It made a lot of neat references to famous people that I recognize, like Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jordan and others, and the chapters were very short and easy, so it made for an extremely fast read.

The main point of the book is to make a distinction between people who are victims and people who are owners. Victims are people who feel sorry for themselves, complain and blame other people/ external circumstances for the way their state of affairs is. Owners are people who believe in themselves, take responsibility for their attitude, get out of their comfort zone, and can easily make changes in their lives.

I loved the anecdotes that were in this book. Some of them came from the author's own experience. A story in the first chapter (if not one of the first chapters, I forget now) about his daughters being nervous about singing almost made me cry. Since reading this book, I've also listened to an audio disc about sales with the author, Steve Chandler, narrating, and I really liked his voice. He sounds like a great and funny guy.

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