Friday, November 6, 2009

The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

Aw, darn it! I finished this book more than a week ago, and I made a draft for it in advance, but I completely forgot to write what I thought about it! How weird. That doesn't usually happen...

Well, I'm really sorry about this. I'm not sure what to say about The Lost Symbol now. It's been so long since I finished reading it, though I did really, really like it. So since I'm feeling lazy this particular post, I'll just link to the review my friend Graham Chops did on the same book. I pretty much agree with his opinion, especially the part about loving to hate this book's villain, and how this will probably make the best movie out of Dan Brown's 3 "Robert Langdon" novels. (Incidentally, Wikipedia says they'll make a film version in 2012.) Plus I agree that Mr. Brown used way too many proper nouns, and not enough pronouns. =P

Again, sorry that this post had to be so abnormally short. But I've got another book review to write today.

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