Tuesday, November 24, 2009

700 Sundays, by Billy Crystal

This was a wonderful book that my sister recommended to me. It's funny how over the years my twin and I developed quite different reading interests, but we still have a somewhat similar taste. This was a brief kind of autobiography of the great comedian Billy Crystal. The story was actually a play before it became a book. Must have been quite a funny play. ^_^

Billy sure had an amazing childhood. But he also had a sad one, because his father died when he was only 15. ~,~ He was born on a Sunday, and his dad died on a Sunday, so he calculated that he'd only shared 700 Sundays with his old man. Not very many, when you think about it.

The way the book is written is very engaging. Billy Crystal's life was just as interesting as a fictional character, only it felt a lot more real, because... well, he's a real guy, ain't he? =P But this is really an awesome book to read. I know Billy Crystal as a really funny guy from a bunch of movies and stuff, but this shows a whole other side of him.

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