Friday, August 20, 2010

Demon Spawn, by *. ***** ******

I don't exactly know if I'm at liberty to discuss this, but if I get any complaints about it, ANY at all, I promise that I will take this post down in a heartbeat. I won't mention any names, except for the title of this fantastic book-to-be. I've just been bursting to share the news (if I may) that I recently finished my role as beta-reader to a novel called Demon Spawn. It was an amazing experience in every way. ^_^

I have served as a beta-reader for my friends more than once before, but this time I had the privilege to read and give my honest opinion on an established, quite popular author's manuscript! I received the book in installments of several chapters each, and he sent me the last couple chapters just before sending it out for his publisher to read. How did I get such an honor? I got connected through a very close blog friend who was thoughtful enough to recommend me highly to the author, because he was specifically looking for a "female teen reader" to give her take on the story.

I've been on this wild ride since early May, and now finally, after about 3 whole months, the author finished his writing and I finished reading. It was amazing! Now from the very beginning I promised him that I wouldn't share the story with anyone, so I can't say anything or give this book a proper review. But I will say this: Remember the name DEMON SPAWN. It is an incredibly awesome read you will NOT want to miss when it goes public. That is all.

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J Scott Savage said...

You definitely don't have to take this down. And I'm so glad you liked it. Your feedback was great.

And, I am so jealous of you getting to meet Suzanne Collins. She is incredible.