Friday, June 11, 2010

Gotcha, sucker!

Fellow book-bloggers, (in fact, all bloggers in general)

Have you been getting comments from strange users who post strange links? The comments I get never have anything to do with me or the book reviews that I post, and it really creeps me out. Why would anyone do something like this???

The interesting thing is that this happens more often to my Book Club than to my journal blog, which leads me to conclude that this user (or users, maybe they work in a pack 0,o) is only interested in blogs that post book reviews.

As a solution, I am now moderating comments for Bettina's Book Club. Thanks, Graham, for suggesting this to me. ^_^

Thanks, and happy reading!
(BTW, how do you guys like the new and improved Book Club? I revamped the design just today, with the help of the new Blogger Template Designer. I think it's awesome!!! ^__^)

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