Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sorry it's been a while...

Yeah, I really am sorry that I haven't been reviewing books all that often, ever since I reviewed "Eat, Pray, Love." Trust me, I wanted to post, I really did. I was just... busy...

Yeah yeah, pretty feeble excuse, I know. But guess what?! Today I've gotten back to reviewing, and I've already posted about 4 (actually 5) books so far! If you want to check them out, I suggest you scroll down a little through this blog, or click the "Older Post" link a couple times, or you could even click the links in my archive list on the sidebar. (Gee, don't I know my way around Blogger or what? ^,~)

Hope you enjoy these reviews of mine. And once you're done with those, don't you worry. More book posts will be just around the corner. I promise!

I also promise to do my best never to fall so far behind and get piled up on books I've read and want to review, ever again. It's really too hard to keep straight what happens in so many books. Honestly! But it's okay. I believe I'm completely cured now. ^_^ From now on, as soon as I finish a book (or maybe at least a day after, so I've got time to think about it and stuff), I will review it.

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