Friday, December 26, 2008

Browsing Borders

Okay. Right off the bat, you gotta see that I love books. That's why I have this blog. Normally, I plan on writing reviews for the books I read, but today I want to talk about the fun time I had at the book store, Borders. I spent like an hour or two there, but I think I read a whole lot there. I read so much that I got to read 2 whole graphic novels (both of them Bone books, by Jeff Smith) and the whole first chapter to a novel (that was Twilight, by Stephanie Myer and that is impressive because that first chapter is almost 30 pages)!
The Bone books were really cute and funny. My sister recommended them from our last Borders visit last week. It's about a funny little white guy (the main character) and his cousins adventures. They go into a primitive village with "humaner" shaped people and Bone falls in love with a girl named Thorn. There's also a dragon and funny monsters that are always referred to as rat-like creatures, though I think they're the farthest things from the rats.

The first chapter of Twilight was totally cool. There's been a lot of hype for the movie, so I was pretty interested in what the big deal was. And now I know. Even 30 pages into it, so much is revealed. The main character Bella, her going to live with her dad, noticing the vampire family at lunch in school, and Edward sounds intriguing. The only problem is that I have no choice but to think of Robert Pattinson's face whenever I read about him. Oh well. I just really hope that I can get this book from the library soon, because I'd like to read the whole thing before I see the movie.

Now I promise that all the posts after this will be a little more sophisticated than this one. That's one new year resolution I can keep easily. Stay tuned everybody.


J.N. Future Author said...

after the first like 5 chapters the story really gets going!

Brian said...

I agree, even though it was way to mushy for me. The only reason I even picked it up was because of a deal with my friend, Kathryn.